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Orange County Predator Paintball


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Safety Procedures

At Predator Paintball, the safety of our players is our first concern. We live by a meaningful quote that was stated by Edmund Burke, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Everyone that works at our location in Hillsborough, North Carolina, will keep you out of harm's way. We even offer a secure viewing area to protect visitors who are waiting for players.


To protect you and our business, we ask that you sign a waiver-of-liability form. You may pick up a waiver to sign in our lobby. This document must be signed by visitors 18 years old or older. For players younger than 18, accompanying guardians may sign for them.

Safety Limitations

We have put measures in place to protect players while using our equipment. Our paintball guns only shoot at 15 balls per second (BPS). Each gun's feet-per-second (FPS) limit is 285. Additionally, our guns aren't fully automatic. We also don't load them with red paintballs.

Protecting the Environment

Our team also wants to preserve the environment. For this reason, we use compressed air tanks instead of CO2 containers. Compressed air tanks help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that flow into the air.

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